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Recent News

smartCARS and kaCARS

Posted by Brandon Mueller on 11/28/2017

Hello Pilots!

Well, as most of you may have experienced, there have been some torubles with the ACARs programs communicating with the website. For smartCARS, this has been fixed 100%. As for kaCARS, there's a little bit of work on your part. 

From the Kacars appliction, clicking on the "Info" link brings up the following configuration page. Changing the BROWSER & BASE URLs to HTTPS, this should resolve the Kacars issues.

The problem was both ACARS programs were trying to communicate with the website using HTTP rather than HTTPS; having overlooked this after emplying SSL Certifricate on the website, this pretty much broke the communication chain. 

At this point in time, both ACARS programs will be funstioning as intended, provided you change the URL in kaCARS. If you have any issues, please PM me in discord (DAL004 - Brandon) or email at hr@vdelta.org. 


Little update,

The discord link on the website has been updated to reflect the current/ correct invite link to the discord. 

Also, I am going to start planning an event. When it will take place is TBD. With my new job and recent moving, time hasn't been on my side lately haha. But I will give most of my free time to getting an event planned out for you guys. Stay tuned for updates on the event!

As Always, Keep on Climbing!

DAL4 | Brandon Mueller